Revenue Optimization

We provide an unparalleled ability to analyze, optimize and grow revenue. Through our innovative and adaptive analytic methodology, we offer MNOs more than just the rigorous analytics needed in today’s operations; we offer a strategic advantage at a critical juncture in a highly competitive industry – enabling MNOs to be quick to respond to change, deliver financial targets, and use accuracy to enhance customers experience

With Our RO Engine MNOs can:

Identify revenue reduction points

Campaigns become relevant and highly-targeted, customers feel appreciated and understood.

Align messaging campaigns with customer preferences to maximize their response rates

Run campaigns and assess results in order to optimize or eliminate non-responsive provisioning interfaces

The recommendation can be pushed through the end user preferred medium tailing messages, USSD push, OBD smart SMS

Actionable, integrated 360 degrees customer profiles that guarantee optimized, personalized dialogues and engaged individuals.

Identify the main KPIs that help to understand customers behavior and turn data into actionable customer insights

Scientific approach that removes the hassle where relevant and optimized communications are sent to customers automatically and at the right context.

A Complex structure of algorithms yielding an effective recommendation structure based on Profile location, financial history, content interest history, etc.

VMS algorithms combine a set of pre-defined communication options with message copy and time dimensions, and customer data from multiple sources (including real time, transactional and behavioral data) to create in-depth insights.

Apply TCF and CVM guidelines with fraud control

We operate a fraud-free environment through rigorous control that includes:
  • Forced opt-in management
  • Overcharging management
  • Wrong content management
  • Repeated content management
  • OPT out control